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Dry Rot

Despite its name, dry rot affects damp timber and, just like wet rot, it is caused by a fungus…

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Wet Rot

Wet rot thrives on wet timber and causes damage to property. Just like dry rot, it is caused…

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Damp Proofing

Are you aware of damp on walls above the skirting boards? This is almost certainly rising damp…

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Woodworm is not an organisation in itself; it is a term describing the infestation of…

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  • "Considering what a mess the place was in the new plastering looks fantastic. Thank you for fixing the damp issues and I would recommend you to anyone."
    M. Pallett
  • "I called Devon Damp to sort out a damp problem in my kitchen. They were punctual reliable and finished on time. They also did an excellent job of cleaning up at the end. A big thank you to Triston..."
    Kerry Carthew
  • "Punctual, reliable and freindly. An Excellent service, Thank you..."
    C. Clarke
  • "Devon Damp were excellent from start to finish. They were polite workers and treated my woodworm problem with little disruption. I highly recommend them..."
    Peter Sanders

Devon Damp are your local and affordable damp specialists in South Devon and Torbay. We can efficiently and accurately identify the ‘calling cards’ of everything from dry rot & wet rot to woodworm, and can recommend and carry out the necessary treatment or damp proofing work.

Patches of damp on walls or tiny holes in furniture are often ignored, but it is these signs of damp or woodworm infestation that can be the tip of an iceberg.

The wooden structure of your home is also a source of food for organisms such as fungus and insects. Left unchallenged, these pests can quickly undermine the integrity of your property leading to costly damage and, in the worst cases, danger to you and your family.

Dry Rot & Wet Rot

Damp in buildings can rapidly worsen, providing a rich breeding ground for fungus, the organism behind both wet rot and the more serious dry rot. In fact, as its name suggests, timber doesn’t even have to be fully saturated to harbour insidious dry rot. If you can see evidence of rotten wood or are just aware of signs of damp, let us reassure you by giving your property the once over.

Rising Damp & Damp Proofing

If you have confirmed problems with rising damp or are concerned about damp on walls or other signs of damp it is important not to bury your head in the sand. The underlying problems could be a ticking time bomb and the quicker we get involved the sooner it will be defused.

We can advise you on which damp proofing is best for your property, whether that is a physical, electro osmosis or chemical injected damp proof course. We can then do the necessary work to prevent further rising damp and restore plaster damaged by hygroscopic salts.


You might already know that ‘woodworm’ is actually the result of the burrowing activity of several types of beetle. But did you know that rotten wood can harbour the destructive death watch beetle but the powder post beetle prefers recently felled timber? Or that the common furniture beetle is identified by its hooded thorax? It’s this level of knowledge that qualifies Devon Damp as the South Devon and Torbay specialists in identifying, treating and eliminating the tiny organisms that can have such a massive effect on the value and integrity of your property.


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